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Fundamentals Workshop

The Fundamentals Workshops are free trainings led by professional trainers who guide you in real time through hands-on exercises.

Fundamentals Workshop

These courses help build a strong foundational understanding on the following four topics (Click the links to register):

  1. Apache Kafka® 101
  2. Kafka Connect 101
  3. Kafka Streams 101
  4. ksqlDB 101

This walkthrough will require Confluent Cloud but will cost you nothing (you won’t even have to enter your credit card). We will walk you through the signup process during the event, but if you want to get prepared, you can join Confluent Cloud now.

All of the Exercises

Below are exercises that the instructors will walk through live!

Exercise 1: Getting Started with Apache Kafka® in Minutes with Confluent Cloud

Start Apache Kafka® the easiest, fastest way possible using Confluent Cloud in this hello-world style, absolute beginner's quick start tutorial.

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Exercise 2: Getting Started with Kafka Connect

For this exercise, you will use Confluent Cloud to provide a managed Kafka service, connectors, and stream processing.

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Exercise 3: Kafka Streams - Basic Operations

The Basic Operations exercise demonstrates how to use Kafka Streams stateless operations such as "filter" and "mapValues".

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Exercise 4: Interacting with ksqlDB

In this exercise, you will try out the different user interfaces to ksqlDB. The first step is to provision a ksqlDB application on Confluent Cloud.

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