December 21, 2020 | Episode 134

Apache Kafka 2.7 - Overview of Latest Features, Updates, and KIPs

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Apache Kafka® 2.7 is here! Here are the key Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs) and updates in this release, presented by Tim Berglund. 

KIP-497 adds a new inter-broker API to alter in-sync replicas (ISRs). Every partition leader maintains the ISR list or the list of ISRs. KIP-497 is also related to the removal of ZooKeeper.

KIP-599 has to do with throttling the rate of creating topics, deleting topics, and creating partitions. This KIP will add a new feature called the controller mutation rate.

KIP-612 adds the ability to limit the connection creation rate on brokers, while KIP-651 supports the PEM format for SSL certificates and private keys.

The release of Kafka 2.7 furthermore includes end-to-end latency metrics and sliding windows.

Find out what’s new with the Kafka broker, producer, and consumer, and what’s new with Kafka Streams in today’s episode of Streaming Audio!

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