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Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned user, find hands-on tutorials, guides, and code samples to quickly grow your skills. From basic concepts to advanced patterns, we’ll help you get started with Kafka to build next-generation event streaming apps.



Streaming ETL and Analytics on Confluent with Maritime AIS Data


Let's Build a Streaming Data Pipeline


The Truth About ZooKeeper Removal and the KIP-500 Release in Apache Kafka ft. Jason Gustafson and Colin McCabe

Kafka Tutorials & Examples

Get hands-on with tutorials based on tested, executable code to help you learn Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams, and ksqlDB. Check out examples showcasing end-to-end solutions and Confluent’s event streaming platform, built by the original creators of Apache Kafka.


Eat. Sleep. Learn Kafka. Repeat.


Check out the documentation to learn more about Confluent Platform, Confluent Cloud, and event streaming. From simplified Kafka quickstarts to full developer how-to guides, get started with building event streaming applications and leveraging the full Kafka ecosystem.

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