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Learn about data streaming with Apache Kafka® and Apache Flink®

High-throughput low latency distributed event streaming platform. Available locally or fully-managed via Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud.

High-performance stream processing at any scale. Available via Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink.

What Do Kafka and Flink Do?

Learn about the fundamentals of event streaming with Kafka and Flink, and the surrounding ecosystem.

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Event Streaming

Create, import, share streams of events like payments, orders, and database changes in milliseconds, at scale. Store them as long as you need. Replay and reprocess historical data like a time machine.

Continuous Real-time Processing

Build lightweight, elastic applications and microservices that respond immediately to events and that scale during live operations. Process, join, and analyze streams and tables of data in real-time, 24x7.

Your Data, Everywhere

Use one platform to set data in motion across your entire enterprise. Connect systems, data centers, and clouds—all with the same trusted technology. The largest production deployments handle trillions of events per day.

What is Apache Kafka®?

By kafka co-creator Jay Kreps, CEO of Confluent

Design. Build. Run.

  • Build Apps
  • Build Pipelines
  • Operate
Build Apps
  • Build Apps
  • Build Pipelines
  • Operate

Tutorials with Full Code Examples

Learn the basics

Step through the basics of the CLI, Kafka topics, and building applications.

Explore top use cases

Run pre-built ksqlDB recipes that tackle the highest impact use cases for stream processing

Master advanced concepts

Learn how to route events, manipulate streams, aggregate data, and more.

Get Started with Kafka Clients

Write your first application using these full code examples in Java, Python, Go, .NET, Node.js, C/C++, REST, Spring Boot, and further languages and CLIs.

Top 3 Courses for Application Developers

Event Streaming Patterns

A rich catalog of design patterns to help you understand the interaction between the different parts of the Kafka ecosystem, so you can build better event streaming applications.

Kafka Internals

Explore the details of how Kafka works and how to monitor its performance.
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