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Apache Kafka® 101

Get started with learning Apache Kafka in three easy steps. Explore guides, watch videos, and get coding with hands-on tutorials from the original creators of Apache Kafka.

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Kafka 101 Developer Guide

Ready to learn Apache Kafka from the ground up? Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to help you learn Kafka fundamentals, its benefits, and use cases, with a deep dive on Kafka architecture, core components, the connector ecosystem, and examples to show how Kafka works.

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Kafka 101 Events

Learn Kafka basics in this overview on the fundamental concept of events. An event is any type of occurrence, activity, or change that is recorded or detected by software or applications.

Kafka 101 Topics

What is a Kafka topic? In short, a topic is a log of events, and a log is a simple data structure with well-known semantics.

Kafka 101 Partitioning

Watch Tim Berglund (Senior Director of Developer Experience, Confluent) explain what partitions are in Kafka and how partitioning works to organize events.

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