Learn Apache Kafka®

Become an expert on the Apache Kafka ecosystem! View video courses to learn Kafka basics, advanced concepts, setup and use cases, and everything else in between.

Apache Kafka® 101

1 hr 35 min

Apache Kafka is a distributed event streaming system used for real-time data pipelines, integration, and analytics. Learn how Kafka works, how to use it, and how to get started.

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Kafka Connect 101

1 hr 17 min

Kafka Connect lets you easily stream data between Apache Kafka and all your systems. This course covers how Kafka Connect enables sinking and sourcing of events.

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Kafka Streams 101

2 hr 17 min

What is Kafka Streams, and how does it work? Learn about the Streams API, architecture, stream topologies, and how to get started by completing this introductory course.

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Apache Kafka® Internal Architecture

2 hr 31 min

In this tutorial, learn about Apache Kafka storage and internal architecture, with an overview of Kafka producers, consumers, topics, partitions, clients, and more.

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Data Mesh 101

1 hr 6 min

Data mesh is a framework for decentralized domain-driven architectures, with data as a product, that is self-service, and with strong governance models. Learn the benefits of data mesh and how it works.

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Spring Framework and Apache Kafka®

1 hr 32 min

Get the most out of Apache Kafka and Spring with Confluent Cloud. This hands-on course will show you how to build event-driven applications with Spring Boot and Kafka Streams.

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ksqlDB 101

54 min

ksqlDB is a streaming database for building stream processing applications with Apache Kafka. This course covers its architecture, how ksqlDB works, and typical use cases, with examples.

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Inside ksqlDB

29 min

This advanced ksqlDB course will show you how to read, write, process, and transform data using common queries and functions in ksqlDB.

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Building Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka® and Confluent

1 hr 7 min

Build a scalable, streaming data pipeline in under 20 minutes using Kafka and Confluent. Operationalize data in motion using real-time event streams and change data capture.

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Event Sourcing and Event Storage with Apache Kafka®

33 min

Event sourcing allows applications to leverage real-time and historical data as a sequence of events. Learn about event sourcing patterns, CQRS, and how Kafka is used as a backbone for event streams.

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Apache Kafka as a cloud-native service

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