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Kafka Tutorials

Dozens of step-by-step tutorials that show you the basics of developing streaming applications based on Apache Kafka and Confluent.

Streaming Pac-Man

Streaming Pac-Man is the funniest application that you will ever see while applying principles of streaming analytics using Apache Kafka. Built around the famous Pac-Man game, this application ingests and stores events from the game into Kafka topics and allows you to process them in near real-time using ksqlDB.

ETL pipelines

Demo showing a complete ETL (extract, transform, load) pipeline in the cloud, using fully-managed services on Confluent Cloud.

MQTT Tracker

This demo shows how to stream data from your phone through MQTT and process it in Kafka.

DevOps for Apache Kafka

Simulated production environment running a streaming application targeting Apache Kafka on Confluent Cloud using Kubernetes and GitOps

WiFi Fun

WiFi devices all around you emit a ton of data that can be used to build some really interesting analyses, using Kafka and Confluent as the backbone.


Full-platform, feature-rich demo of a hybrid deployment of Confluent from on-premises to cloud, with stream processing applications, security, monitoring, and data governance features

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