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Aykut Bulgu

Aykut Bulgu

Principal Software Engineer

Red Hat


Aykut Bulgu has 15+ years of experience, which consists of working as a software engineer, consultant, trainer, and technical content architect. He has worked on many enterprise projects —mainly Java— and had expertise in JBoss middleware. He specializes in Apache Kafka, Quarkus, Kubernetes/OpenShift and Strimzi (Kafka on Kubernetes).

Currently, he works for Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer in the Ansible team, previously he was a part of the AMQ Streams/Kafka team. He also helps organizations with technical content development and technical training via System Craftsman.

Involvement in the community

Aykut has video recordings about Strimzi and Kafka on his channel. He gives speeches at events about event-driven architecture and Kafka. Moreover, he is an active writer, he writes about Strimzi and Kafka in his blog and others, especially startup companies.