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Colt McNealy

Colt McNealy

Founder, CEO

LittleHorse Enterprises


Colt is a software engineer passionate about Kafka and Kafka Streams. He discovered Kafka Streams when he started working on a hyperscale workflow engine and he needed a scalable and durable backbone for the system.

The result? LittleHorse (, which is a performant and scalable system that allows engineering teams to quickly compose business applications from small, modular components.

Involvement in the community

Colt first found the Confluent Community Slack channel when he was stuck on a strange partitioning issue (turns out, the python client by default uses a different hashing algorithm than Java). Three community members promptly and generously helped him solve the issue. He has come back many times with other questions and had many exciting discussions.

Since then, he decided that when there's a question that he could answer, he wanted to pay the favor forward and help others (especially in relation to Kafka Streams, wherein most of his Kafka expertise lies).

Additionally, he has been doing some light experimentation with replacing RocksDB with Speedb in Kafka Streams on the side.