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Florian Hussonnois

Florian Hussonnois

Software Engineer Consultant



Florian is an independent Software Engineer and Consultant passionate about event-driven architectures and distributed stream processing systems; He works at Streamthoughts, the company he founded to help organizations build and enable real-time business cases using modern streaming technologies. He is also a technical trainer on Apache Kafka. For his code contributions, and blog post writing on the Apache Kafka ecosystem, Florian received the Confluent Community Catalyst award four times.

Involvement in the community

Florian is an open-source community enthusiast and the author of projects such as Kafka Connect FilePulse, a popular community-driven Kafka source connector for streaming files from: local-filesystem, Amazon S3, Azure Storage and Google Cloud Storage. More recently, he has started work on Jikkou, an open-source tool designed to make it easier to manage the configuration of a Kafka platform.