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Matthias Pohl

Matthias Pohl

Software Engineer



Matthias is a PMC member of the Apache Flink community. He’s located in Berlin, Germany.

Matthias started working on Apache Flink when he joined Ververica in July 2020. He focused on Flink’s coordination layer. He proceeded with this at Aiven from August 2022 onwards where he’s currently in a team of 3 OpenSource developers who work on improving the Apache Flink community.

Prior to his OpenSource activities, Matthias worked in different roles as a Data Engineer (e.g. at HERE Maps).

Involvement in the community

Matthias is Commiter of the Apache Flink community since December 2021 and was recently promoted to become PMC member. The main features Matthias worked on are the JobResultStore (FLIP-194) and improving the HighAvailability layer of Apache Flink (FLIP-285). Additionally, he tries to enable others to contribute to Flink by actively taking part in reviews. He helps look after the stability of the CI infrastructure and organizes Flink’s Jira issues.