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Ofir Sharony

BE Platform Lead



Ofir Sharony leads the Backend platform team at MyHeritage and manages the ApacheKafkaIL community, the largest Kafka community worldwide. Ofir is a frequent speaker at various conferences, where he shares his insights about engineering leadership and distributed systems.

Involvement in the community

Ofir leads ApacheKafkaIL ÔÇö the world's largest Kafka community with 2,300 members. Passionate about fostering learning, he not only scouts intriguing Kafka use-cases but also mentors emerging speakers, helping them craft captivating stories and improve their presentations. During the pandemic, when hosting a meetup became a challenge, Ofir innovatively organized a Kafka 'unmeetup' where the community dictated the agenda. Beyond this, Ofir is often invited to speak at local and global events such as Kafka and AWS Summits, and contributes insightful tech blogs about the Kafka ecosystem.