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Olena Kutsenko

Olena Kutsenko

Sr. Developer Advocate



Olena is a seasoned expert in data, sustainable software development, and teamwork. With a background in software engineering, she's led teams and developed mission-critical applications at Nokia, HERE Technologies, and AWS. Currently, she works at Aiven where she supports developers and customers in using open-source data technologies such as Apache Kafka, ClickHouse, and OpenSearch. She is also an international public speaker and regularly present at conferences around the world. She holds AWS Developer and Solutions Architect certifications.

Involvement in the community

I'm thankful for the opportunity to connect with numerous Apache Kafka enthusiasts both in person and through online channels. I frequently participate in various events where I discuss topics related to Apache Kafka and other data technologies. When I'm not engaged in these events, I dedicate time to creating different materials on the subject.


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