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Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo Ferreira

Senior Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services


Ricardo works for AWS in the developer relations team. With +20 years of experience, he built an extensive background in distributed systems, messaging, databases, and observability. The first 10 years of his career were spent in software engineering, where his primary focus was about programming languages, compilers, debuggers, code efficiency, and development best practices. Then, he spent another 10 years working as a solution architect in companies like Red Hat and Oracle.

Involvement in the community

Ricardo's relationship with the Apache Kafka community started in the middle of 2014 when he created a connector for Kafka. Since then, he joined several technical communities to both share knowledge and help others getting started with the technology. Eventually, he joined Confluent as developer advocate, where he worked with different communities to inspire others in the world of streaming data. He spoke about Kafka and streaming data at several conferences, meetups, and customer events. Nowadays, he stills spend time creating highly technical content focused on advanced use cases for Kafka.