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Robert Metzger

Robert Metzger

Staff Software Engineer



Robert Metzger is a staff software engineer at decodable. He oversees the core Flink-based data platform at Decodable powering the SaaS stream processing platform. Besides this role, he’s a committer and the PMC Chair of the Apache Flink project. He has co-created Flink and contributed many core components of the project over the years. He previously co-founded and successfully exited data Artisans (now Ververica), the company that created and commercialized Flink.

Involvement in the community

Robert Metzger has been active in the big data and stream processing community since 2014. Most of his contributions are about Apache Flink, such as contributions to the initial implementation of Reactive Mode, the YARN integration, the Flink/Kafka connector and many more.

Besides code contributions, Robert is active as a PMC member of Flink and regularly speaking at related conferences and meetups.