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vasia - Vasiliki Kalavri

Vasiliki (Vasia) Kalavri

Assistant Professor

Boston University


Vasiliki (Vasia) Kalavri is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Boston University, where she co-leads the Complex Analytics and Scalable Processing (CASP) Systems lab. Vasia and her team enjoy doing research on multiple aspects of data-centric systems. Recently, they have been focusing on designing self-managed systems for data stream processing, scaling graph Machine Learning on modern storage, and developing practical solutions for private collaborative analytics with Multi-party Computation. Before joining BU, Vasia was a postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zurich, where she was awarded the ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowship. She received her PhD from KTH, Stockholm, and UCL, Belgium, after completing a joint doctoral program as an EMJD-DC fellow.

Involvement in the community

I have been involved with Apache Flink (and its predecessor, Stratosphere) since its very early days, back in 2012! I worked on various components of the system during my PhD (2012-2016), became a committer in 2014, and subsequently a PMC member. I have given many talks on Flink at meetups, conferences, universities, and I have co-authored the "Stream Processing with Apache Flink" O'Reilly book. Over the past few years, my research has focused on making stream processing systems capable of self-management and reconfiguration. Since 2019, I have been teaching a graduate-level course on stream processing systems (first at ETH Zurich and then at Boston University) with enrollment ranging from 40-70 students. In the context of this course, I closely supervise student research projects on Apache Flink and Kafka and I also organize guest lecturers, inviting speakers from Confluent, Materialize, NetApp, Cloudera, and others.