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Vinod Chelladurai - Vinod Chelladurai

Vinod Chelladurai

Principal Data Engineer

SumUp Limited


My name is Vinod I am originally from India and living in Berlin since 2015. Currently, I work as a Principal Data Engineer at SumUp, a financial technology company, where I am part of the ambitious data platform team building a distributed, resilient, and scalable data platform infrastructure.

My areas of interests include data structures, distributed systems, database optimizations, and big data processing.

During my leisure time, I enjoy reading books and like playing Piano.

Involvement in the community

I have been working with Apache Kafka since 2015 and specifically with Confluent platform since 2019 when things got really intense as I began engaging with the Kafka community from diversified engineering backgrounds at my workplace. This is where I got motivated to get deeper into the topic and create video tutorial contents on Apache Kafka and help the community since there is not enough free and high quality video contents on the internet for people who wants to get into Kafka quickly at ease both for Kafka developers and Kafka administrators. I make a structured tutorial on YouTube that helped lots of people to start their learning path with Kafka and engage with them frequently providing solutions. My tutorials on Kafka security received overwhelming response so far among the other Kafka contents. I also received personal messages from the community where people informed me that my contents had impact on their interviews for Kafka jobs. One of goals is to make my channel as the goto channel for Apache Kafka.