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Coding in Motion: Watching The River Flow

Kris Jenkins

Senior Developer Advocate

How do you get live notifications from a service that doesn’t support live notifications? Can you watch an online store for price drops? Or track comments on someone else’s YouTube video? Or at work, can you react to changes on another department’s system, when that system doesn’t have a notification API? How do you turn the question-and-answer model of the web into a live-streaming system?

In this episode of Coding in Motion, Kris Jenkins will demonstrate how to turn static data source—YouTube’s REST API, into a reactive system that:

  • Uses Python to fetch and process data from a static web API
  • Streams that data live, from Python into a Kafka topic
  • Processes the incoming source data with ksqlDB, watching for important changes
  • Then streams out live, custom notifications via Telegram

At the end of the workshop, you will get a general recipe that you can adapt to track any external system you want to start monitoring for real-time updates.

Following along at your own pace along with the workshop code. If you do, you can use the promo code CODING200 to get an additional of $200 of free Confluent Cloud Usage (details).