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Kafka Producers

What is a Kafka producer?

A producer is a client that is used to write data into Apache Kafka.

What control do I have on how messages are sent by a Kafka producer?

Based on a number of optional configurations, you have the flexibility and control over how your events are written into Kafka, and you can optimize producers accordingly. Messages can be written and sent to Kafka individually, or they can be grouped, compressed, and sent together as part of a single batch.

The configurations you choose will often depend on your latency, throughput, and/or storage requirements.

How do I configure a Kafka producer client?

At a minimum, producers need to know where your Kafka cluster is located within your network—i.e. the bootstrap servers—and any connection credentials. Beyond this, there are a number of other optional producer configurations that may be useful to you.

What programming languages can I use to write a Kafka producer?

Kafka libraries are available in a huge number of programming languages—C++, Java, and Python, to name a few—meaning that you’re able to write a producer in any of your favorite languages. There’s one for just about every language you can think of.

Check out a producer client example.

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