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Gilles Philippart

Software Practice Lead


About this course

How do you move from a simple proof of concept to a bulletproof data streaming system that is ready for production deployment? In this course, you will learn how to avoid pitfalls when scaling your data streaming platform. Additionally, you'll delve deep into the GitOps framework, allowing you to deliver changes swiftly and securely, not only to your platform but also to the streaming applications built on it.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

  • Gather the data requirements
  • Design the Data Streaming platform
  • Plan for business continuity
  • Automate the road to production with GitOps
  • Build a staging and production data streaming platform with Terraform
  • Operate the platform
  • Deploy streaming applications the GitOps way with FluxCD
  • Productionize streaming applications

Intended Audience

Anyone who has a basic understanding of Apache Kafka.


Approximately 3 hours.

Cheat Sheet

Here's the cheat sheet PDF. You can print it out and take it on the field with you to assess if you're ready for production!

Course Author

Gilles Philippart

Gilles works at Confluent as a Software Practice Lead and has over twenty years of experience in the financial sector, primarily developing systems for investment banks. In recent times, he served as a Principal Engineer at a FinTech company, where he built a platform that offers loans to small and medium businesses in the blink of an eye. Through this work, he became a proponent of event-driven architectures with Apache Kafka and is now passionate about guiding others to leverage its advantages. Outside of work, Gilles enjoys reading books, whipping up culinary delights, and playing games with his daughter and wife.

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