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May 4, 2020 | Episode 98

Apache Kafka Fundamentals: The Concept of Streams and Tables ft. Michael Noll

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If you’ve ever wondered what Apache Kafka® is, what it’s used for, or wanted to learn about Kafka architecture and all its components, buckle up! In today’s episode, Michael Noll (Principal Technologist, Confluent) and Tim Berglund (Senior Director of Developer Advocacy, Confluent) discuss a series of fundamental questions: What is Kafka? What is an event? How do we organize and store events? And what is Kafka Streams? 

Over the course of this episode, Michael covers an in-depth look into Kafka technology and core concepts: the process of reading from a topic, differences between tables and streams, mutability, and what ksqlDB is and what its event streaming database features accomplish. If you've ever wanted to get a better grasp on how Kafka works, this episode is for you!

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