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April 8, 2019 | Episode 27

Ben Stopford on Microservices and Event Streaming

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Microservices are pretty ubiquitous these days. Really “SOA done right,” they reimagine the services pattern in the context of the world we live in today, nearly two decades since the first big service-oriented systems hit production. But what have we learned in this time? There are plenty of war stories. System designers have explored different architectural patterns—REST, events and databases of all types. 

In this podcast, Tim Berglund and Ben Stopford explore the event-driven paradigm and how it relates to the microservice architectures we build today. Ben dives deep into coupling, evolution and challenges of our increasingly data-oriented culture. He also talks about the future, where data are events and events are data, and touches on real-time architectures that retain the decoupling properties needed to be pluggable, and to evolve. Powerful stuff.


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