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May 3, 2022 | Episode 212

Build a Data Streaming App with Apache Kafka and JS - Coding in Motion

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Kris Jenkins: (00:00)

Hello, you are listening to the Streaming Audio podcast. Except you're not, because I'm just hijacking the show for two minutes to tell you about a new series of coding videos I'm doing. Because here's the thing, right? We get so many interesting people on this show, talking about what they're building and the problems that they're solving. It just makes me want to build some stuff on my own. It makes me want to take what I've learned from them and apply it.

Kris Jenkins: (00:25)

So that's what we're going to do. We're calling it Coding in Motion, and we're going to take an idea, a language, and an empty directory, and we're going to build an entire event system from scratch. No hand waving, no skipping the complex bits, you're going to see the entire build, line by line, end to end. I promise you you'll learn something new about Kafka, or a language you haven't tried, or a library: hopefully all of that.

Kris Jenkins: (00:52)

And the aim is to just have some fun and to give you the knowledge you need for your next project, whether that's something for work, or a side hustle, or just for the joy of programming. The first episode of Coding in Motion is going to use TypeScript, Kafka, a musical instrument, and a 3D graphic slide print. And it's released on Wednesday, the 4th of May, which by my clock means it's going live on YouTube tomorrow. If you're watching this on YouTube, there should be a link appearing now. And if you are listening, then there'll be a link in the show notes, or just search YouTube for Confluent Coding in Motion. And I hope to see you there. And that's the end of the hijack, and we now return you to your regular scheduled podcast.

Coding is inherently enjoyable and experimental. With the goal of bringing fun into programming, Kris Jenkins (Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent) hosts a new series of hands-on workshops—Coding in Motion, to teach you how to use Apache Kafka® and data streaming technologies for real-life use cases. 

In the first episode, Sound & Vision, Kris walks you through the end-to-end process of building a real-time, full-stack data streaming application from scratch using Kafka and JavaScript/TypeScript. 

During the workshop, you’ll learn to stream musical MIDI data into fully-managed Kafka using Confluent Cloud, then process and transform the raw data stream using ksqlDB. Finally, the enriched data streams will be pushed to a web server to display data in a 3D graphical visualization. 

Listen to Kris previews the first episode of Coding in Motion: Sound & Vision and join him in the workshop premiere to learn more. 

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