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September 20, 2022 | Episode 234

How to Build a Reactive Event Streaming App - Coding in Motion

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Kris Jenkins:

Hello. You're listening to Streaming Audio. And once again, I'm going to hijack the podcast quickly to tell you about a new episode of Coding in Motion, the gradually growing web series where we build interesting event systems completely from scratch.

Kris Jenkins:

This time we're going to focus on Python with Kafka, and we're going to use it to retrofit YouTube with a real-time alert system. Along the way, we'll take in some Python generators, a bit of KSQL for streaming processing, and we're going to build out a chatbot customized for alerting. It's something that I needed to build for myself, and it turns out to be I think a fairly reusable recipe for all kinds of third-party systems monitoring, so I'm hoping plenty of you will find it useful too.

Kris Jenkins:

The episode premieres on YouTube on the 21st of September, Earth, Wind, and Fire Day. And I'll be hanging out in the live chat to answer any questions you have. You'll find a link in the show notes and I hope you'll join me there.

How do you build an event-driven application that can react to real-time data streams as they happen? Kris Jenkins (Senior Developer Advocate, Confluent) will be hosting another fun, hands-on programming workshop—Coding in Motion: Watching the River Flow, to demonstrate how you can build a reactive event streaming application with Apache Kafka®, ksqlDB using Python.

As a developer advocate, Kris often speaks at conferences, and the presentation will be available on-demand through the organizer’s YouTube channel. The desire to read comments and be able to interact with the community motivated Kris to set up a real-time event streaming application that would notify him on his mobile phone. 

During the workshop, Kris will demonstrate the end-to-end process of using Python to process and stream data from YouTube’s REST API into a Kafka topic, analyze the data with ksqlDB, and then stream data out via Telegram. After the workshop, you’ll be able to use the recipe to build your own event-driven data application.  

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