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June 1, 2020 | Episode 103

Introducing JSON and Protobuf Support ft. David Araujo and Tushar Thole

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Confluent Platform 5.5 introduces long-awaited JSON Schema and Protobuf support in Confluent Schema Registry and across other platform components. 

Support for Protobuf and JSON Schema in Schema Registry provides the same assurances of data compatibility and consistency we already had with Avro, while opening up Kafka to more businesses, applications, and use cases that are built upon those data serialization formats. 

Tushar Thole (Engineering Leader, Confluent) and David Araujo (Product Manager, Confluent) share about these new improvements to Confluent Schema Registry, the differences between Apache AvroÔäó, Protobuf, and JSON Schemas, how to treat optional fields, some of the arguments between Avro and Protobuf, and why it took some time for Schema Registry to support JSON Schemas and Protobuf.

Later, they talk about custom plugins, adding another layer of safety in Confluent Platform 5.5, and their vision for data governance.

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