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February 3, 2022 | Episode 199

On to the Next Chapter ft. Tim Berglund

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Tim Berglund:

Hey, I am, as ever, your host, Tim Berglund. And today, I don't have a guest. This is just a brief monologue from me because this is my final episode. Now I think I've hinted at that in an episode that's probably aired before this, and I know I've posted about it. I tweeted about it and posted on LinkedIn and everything. It's public knowledge that as of November 19th, 2021, that was my last day at Confluent, and moving on to something next. I don't even know what that is. I'm going to be taking a few months off and just flying a drone and seeing about grandchildren and doing all the sorts of things that I normally don't have a lot of time to do. But I wanted to say thank you to you and give you an idea of what there is to come. I didn't collect stats on how many episodes of this I'd recorded. It's probably somewhere between 150 and 200, a lot of minutes, a lot of guests, a lot of things I've learned, a lot of opportunities to connect with people in the Kafka community. And it's really been great for me.

Tim Berglund:

I hope it's been good for you. I mean, our numbers suggest that there are some thousands of you who are interested and that makes me happy, but this has just been a fantastic opportunity. I'm grateful for you as an audience because podcasting doesn't work really if you're the only one doing it. So thank you. Thanks for being a part of this by being a person who benefits on the listening end. I want to say thanks to all my guests. You've been amazing. I've learned a lot from you. It's just kind of been fun to talk to people about what they're building and what they're doing and what they're thinking.

Tim Berglund:

And I wanted to give you an idea of what's coming up next. So we have thought about a lot of things, like Streaming Audio, for example. I mean, that's incredibly clever, right? If you know, you know. Back in the day, you had a real audio player, and this idea of streaming audio and listening to the radio through the internet used to be really cool and like event streaming and then it's audio because it's a podcast except it's also a video now. And it also turns out it's super clever. I mean, I'm still just deeply impressed with my cleverness of coming up with that name. Literally the least Googleable podcast name ever. It's terrible. So anytime I direct people to the podcast, I say, "Just Google Confluent Podcast. It's called Streaming Audio, and he thinks he's terribly clever, but not such good SEO juice.

Tim Berglund:

Anyway, the name may well stay. We may keep that name. We may also kind of expand the charter a little bit. So there are just some things we're thinking about. You're definitely going to hear different voices, maybe a rotating collection of hosts. So you'll get just more variety in the feel and the interview dynamic in the podcast and what each host uniquely brings, and possibly some broader scope. So I think in the wake of my absence and the starting up of the elevating of some new voices to this microphone, we could find a slightly different and maybe broader feel to how things go. That's all subject to debate. That's going to be worked out, of course, without me by the existing team. But what I want you to know is Streaming Audio is not going anywhere. I may be, but the... And I'm the one you hear or maybe hear and see.

Tim Berglund:

There is such a big team that works on this. I mean, you have no idea. There are really a lot of people who touch it in various ways. They are still on the job and I'm excited to see what they bring next. I'm also excited, honestly, to start listening, because this is in... I think I use Overcast is the podcast app I use. I listen to a lot of podcasts. I subscribe to this, but you know I was there when it was recorded. I don't mind the sound of my voice, but I don't exactly go listen to my own podcast. That'd be kind of weird most of the time. Right? But they're not going to be mine now. They're just going to be super great tech podcasts in the technology category that is still deeply important to me. So I get to be a listener now, and that makes me kind of happy.

Tim Berglund:

So anyway, I just wanted to give you a few words of signing off and again, words of deep gratitude for being the audience that made this possible. If we've met, I hope we meet again. If we haven't met, I hope we get a chance to at an event or somewhere in the near future. Let me know if we're bumping into each other and you're a Streaming Audio listener. I would just love to know that. More importantly, love to get to know you. Hopefully that's a thing we can do. Again, I guess summing it all up, I really want to say, thanks.

Tim Berglund:

And there you have it. Thanks for listening to this episode. Now, some important details before you go. Streaming Audio is brought to you by Confluent Developer. That's, a website dedicated to helping you learn Kafka, Confluent and everything in the broader event streaming ecosystem. We've got free video courses, a library of event-driven architecture design patterns, executable tutorials, covering ksqlDB, Kafka streams, and core Kaka APIs. There's even an index of episodes of this podcast. So if you take a course on Confluent Developer, you'll have the chance to use Confluent Cloud. When you sign up, use the code PODCAST100 to get an extra $100 of free Confluent Cloud usage.

Tim Berglund:

Anyway, as always, I hope this podcast was helpful to you. If you want to discuss it or ask a question, you can always reach out to me @tlberglund on Twitter. That's T-L-B-E-R-G-L-U-N-D. Or you can leave a comment on the YouTube video if you're watching and not just listening, or reach out in our community Slack or forum. Both are linked in the show notes. And while you're at it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and to this podcast, wherever fine podcasts are sold. And if you subscribe through Apple Podcasts, be sure to leave us a review there. That helps other people discover us, which we think is a good thing. So thanks for your support and we'll see you next time.

After nearly 200 podcast episodes of Streaming Audio, Tim Berglund bids farewell in his last episode as host of the show. 

Tim reflects on the many great memories with guests who have appeared on the segment—and each for its own reasons. He has covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from Apache Kafka® fundamentals, microservices, event stream processing, use cases, to cloud-native Kafka, data mesh, and more. 

As Tim mentions, the Streaming Audio podcast will continue on to explore all things about Kafka and the cloud while featuring new voices and topics. You can subscribe to the Streaming Audio podcast on your podcast platform of choice to get the latest updates and news. Thank you for listening and stay tuned. 

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