March 8, 2021 | Episode 147

The Human Side of Apache Kafka and Microservices ft. SPOUD

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Many industries depend on real-time data, requiring a range of solutions that Apache Kafka® can help solve. Samuel Benz (CTO) and Patrick Bönzli (Product Owner) explain how their company, SPOUD, has fully embraced Kafka for data delivery, which has proven to be successful for SPOUD since 2016 across various industries and use cases. 

The four Kafka use cases that Sam and Patrick see most often are microservices, event processing, event sourcing/the data lake, and integration architecture. But implementing streaming software for each of these areas is not without its challenges. It’s easy to become frustrated by trivial problems that arise when integrating Kafka into the enterprise, because it’s not just about technology but also people and how they react to a new technology that they are not yet familiar with. Should enterprises be scared of Kafka? Why can it be hard to adopt Kafka? How do you drive Kafka adoption internally? All good questions.

When adopting Kafka into a new data service, there will be challenges from a data sharing perspective, but with the right architecture, the possibilities are endless. Kafka enables collaboration on previously siloed data in a controlled and layered way. Sam and Patrick’s goal today is to educate others on Kafka and show what success looks like from a data-driven point of view. It’s not always easy, but in the end, event streaming is more than worth it. 

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