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Dan Weston

Senior Curriculum Developer

For more information on securing and protecting your cluster:

Review the Confluent Cloud Security landing page to find resources and links to some of our most popular solutions.

The Confluent Cloud documentation is one of the best resources to learn new topics, understand the configuration parameters, and see real-world examples and tutorials. We highly recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with the topics and sections.

The Confluent Blog is another fantastic resource to hear about new features that have just been added or read real-world use cases and deep dives into specific topics and features.

We also have a free PDF that details the security features of Confluent Cloud. Use it as a quick reference to learn about the different topics and features. To download it for free, use the link found in the student guide below, or search for Confluent Cloud Security Controls.

For more information specifically on Trust and Security, be sure to check out the Trust and Security page on This page walks through the security features of Confluent Cloud and also provides a link to the Confluent Security Portal where you can download and review the different compliance documents and reports.

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