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course: Hybrid and Multicloud Architecture with Apache Kafka

Configuring a Global Hybrid Architecture - Challenge

2 min

Dan Weston

Senior Curriculum Developer

This module introduces a Confluent tutorial on how to set up and configure an on-premise and cloud environment and then challenges the learner to extend it globally.

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Configuring a Global Hybrid Architecture - Challenge

As I was putting this course together I wanted to have one of the final modules take what we did in the Cluster Linking hands-on and have a module where we simulate an on-premise cluster replicating data to Confluent Cloud in one region and then extend that to another region, ideally on the other side of the world.

Then I came across a tutorial that we already have that does 90% of that.

So, here is my challenge to you, I’ve included a link to the demo that walks you through the process of setting up Confluent Platform using a Docker container and having that replicate to a Confluent Cloud cluster using Cluster Linking.

So first, I want you to follow that tutorial to get your environment set up and replicating data.

Next, I want you to find another location that is on the other side of the world, from wherever you are, and use Cluster Linking to add that as a destination using whatever replication pattern you’d like, I’d suggest one of the ones that ties the cluster together, like chaining, aggregation, or spoke-and-hub.

Then I want you to take down one of your clusters, if you selected an aggregation cluster it might be interesting to take down one of the source clusters.

Last, try adding in a new replication pattern, or figure out how to take a cloud cluster and replicate it to your Confluent Platform cluster.

The goal of this challenge is to play around, break things, and get a feel for what it's like to run a hybrid cluster.

Use this as a test case for a project you are building in your own organization and see how it behaves.

Basically, have fun, and good luck!

If you aren't already on Confluent Developer, head there now using the link in the video description to access the rest of this course, the hands-on exercises, and additional resources.