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Wade Waldron

Wade Waldron

Staff Software Practice Lead

Event Sourcing


Event Sourcing is a pattern of storing an object's state as a series of events. Each time the object is updated a new event is written to an append-only log. When the object is loaded from the database, the events are replayed in order, reapplying the necessary changes. The benefit of this approach is that it stores a full history of the object. This can be valuable for debugging, auditing, building new models, and a variety of other situations. It is also a technique that can be used to solve the dual-write problem when working with event-driven architectures.


  • How are objects stored in traditional databases?
  • What is an audit log, and why is it useful?
  • Do audit logs create duplicated data?
  • Should the audit log be used as the source of truth?
  • What is event sourcing?
  • What are some advantages of event sourcing?
  • Does event sourcing solve the dual-write problem?
  • What are some disadvantages of event sourcing?


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