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Wade Waldron

Wade Waldron

Staff Software Practice Lead

The Listen to Yourself Pattern


The Listen to Yourself pattern is implemented by having a microservice emit an event to a platform such as Apache Kafka, and then consuming its own events to perform internal updates. It can be used as a solution to the dual-write problem since it separates Kafka and database writes into different processes. However, it also provides added benefits because it allows microservices to respond quickly to requests by deferring processing to a later time.


  • What is the dual-write problem?
  • What is the listen-to-yourself pattern?
  • How does the listen-to-yourself pattern eliminate dual writes?
  • When are the events processed in the listen-to-yourself pattern?
  • Is the listen-to-yourself pattern eventually consistent?
  • How can we deal with eventual consistency?
  • How do we validate events?


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