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March 24, 2020 | Episode 89

Ask Confluent #17: The “What is Apache Kafka?” Episode ft. Tim Berglund

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Ask Confluent is back! From questions on Apache Kafka®, data integration, and log aggregation, to potential interview questions that Tim would ask if he were to interview himself, anything goes. 

If you're already a Kafka expert (or any type of expert), think about becoming a speaker. Gwen and Tim talk through how to submit a proposal and get accepted to conferences. As experienced conference goers, they explain that what makes a successful talk is making sure you present for the attendee instead of making it about yourself. In essence, what can your idea or code do to help someone else? 

From there, the pair chat about the secret for a long marriage, REST Proxy and where it exists in Confluent Operator, how Kafka relates to Splunk when aggregating logs, and whether Tim can start making some use case based video content so that people can better understand Kafka and how it works. For those who have just started integrating Kafka, Tim and Gwen also provide some pointers about how to go about understanding it. 

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Episode 90March 25, 2020 | 54 min

Explore, Expand, and Extract with 3X Thinking ft. Kent Beck

Kent Beck chats about various topics of broad interest to developers, including some of his books. He shares about what it’s like to experiment and implement new ideas, especially when others doubt what you're trying to achieve, as well as the difference between refactoring and tidying, his involvement with agile software and test-driven development, and what exactly test-commit-revert is. And yes, Kent talks a little bit about event streaming too!

Episode 91March 30, 2020 | 33 min

Cloud Marketplace Considerations with Dan Rosanova

Coming from decades of experience in messaging, Dan Rosanova discusses the pros and cons of cloud event streaming services on GCP, Azure, and Confluent Cloud. He also compares major stream processing and messaging services: Cloud Pub/Sub vs. Azure vs. Confluent Cloud, and outlines major differences among them.

Episode 92April 6, 2020 | 41 min

How to Run Kafka Streams on Kubernetes ft. Viktor Gamov

There’s something about YAML and the word “Docker” that doesn’t sit well with Viktor Gamov (Developer Advocate, Confluent), but Kafka Streams on Kubernetes is a phrase that does. Viktor describes what that process looks like and how Jib helps build, test, and deploy Kafka Streams applications on Kubernetes for an improved DevOps experience.

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