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July 20, 2020 | Episode 110

Modernizing Inventory Management Technology ft. Sina Sojoodi and Rohit Kelapure

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Inventory management systems are crucial for reducing real-time inventory data drift, improving customer experience, and minimizing out-of-stock events. Apache Kafka®’s real-time data technology provides seamless inventory tracking at scale, saving billions of dollars in the supply chain, making modernized data architectures more important to retailers now more than ever.  

In this episode, we’ll discuss how Apache Kafka allows the implementation of stateful event streaming architectures on a cloud-native platform for application and architecture modernization. 

Sina Sojoodi (Global CTO, Data and Architecture, VMware) and Rohit Kelapure (Principal Advisor, VMware) will discuss data modeling, as well as the architecture design needed to achieve data consistency and correctness while handling the scale and resilience needs of a major retailer in near real time. 

The implemented solution utilizes Spring Boot, Kafka Streams, and Apache Cassandra, and they explain the process of using several services to write to Cassandra instead of trying to use Kafka as a distributed log for enforcing consistency.  

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Episode 111July 27, 2020 | 54 min

How to Measure the Business Value of Confluent Cloud ft. Lyndon Hedderly

Learn about the five different parts to a business value framework: (1) baseline, (2) target state, (3) quantified benefits, (4) unquantified benefits, and (5) proof points; cost effectiveness with Confluent Cloud; how to measure ROI vs. TCO; and a retail example from a customer that details their implementation of an event streaming platform.

Episode 112August 3, 2020 | 39 min

Testing ksqlDB Applications ft. Viktor Gamov

Viktor Gamov (Developer Advocate, Confluent) returns to Streaming Audio to explain the magic of ksqlDB, ideal testing environments for ksqlDB, and the ksqlDB test runner. He also talks about the future of ksqlDB, the future of integration testing, and his favorite new feature among recent upgrades.

Episode 113August 6, 2020 | 10 min

Apache Kafka 2.6 - Overview of Latest Features, Updates, and KIPs

Apache Kafka 2.6 is out! This release includes progress toward adding client quota APIs to the admin client, exposing disk read and write metrics, and support for Java 14, in addition to Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams updates.

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