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June 12, 2019 | Episode 36

Why Kafka Connect? ft. Robin Moffatt

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In this episode, Tim talks to Robin Moffatt about what Kafka Connect is and why you should almost certainly use it if you're working with Apache Kafka®️. Whether you're building database offload pipelines to Amazon S3, ingesting events from external datastores to drive your applications or exposing messages from your microservices for audit and analysis, Kafka Connect is for you. 

Tim and Robin cover the motivating factors for Kafka Connect, why people end up reinventing the wheel when they're not aware of it and Kafka Connect's capabilities, including scalability and resilience. They also talk about the importance of schemas in Kafka pipelines and programs, and how the Confluent Schema Registry can help.


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Apache Kafka 2.3 | What's New in This Release + Updates and KIPs

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