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Intro to Stream Processing with Apache Flink

8 min
David Anderson

David Anderson

Software Practice Lead

Intro to Stream Processing with Apache Flink


Today’s businesses are increasingly software-defined, and their business processes are being automated. Whether it’s orders and shipments, or downloads and clicks, business events can always be streamed. Flink can be used to manipulate, process, and react to these streaming events as they occur.

This video introduces Flink, explains why it's useful, and presents some of the important patterns Flink provides for stream processing.


  • What is Stream Processing?
  • Why Flink?
  • Bounded vs. Unbounded Streams
  • Sources and Sinks
  • The Job Graph
  • Operators
  • Parallel Processing
  • Forwarding, Repartitioning, and Rebalancing
  • Using SQL to Describe Stream Processing Pipelines


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