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course: Practical Event Modeling

Introduction to Event Modeling

11 min
Bobby Calderwood

Bobby Calderwood


Introduction to Event Modeling

About this course

Event Modeling is a simple visual method for designing event-based information systems for the Confluent Streaming Data Platform. Event Modeling engages all stakeholders during the design process in order to reduce implementation costs and risk and to create systems that produce more strategically valuable data during operations.

What is Event Modeling?

Event Modeling is a design methodology for producing a simple, visual blueprint of the user experience and state changes in an information system. It was created by Adam Dymitruk of AdapTech Group and is being rapidly adopted by development teams. This method engages all stakeholders to produce a system design that captures requirements, focuses on the most essential aspects of information systems, and is straightforward to translate into software via Kafka and the Streams API.

What is this course?

Organizations are trying to adopt and implement event-based information systems due to the strategic value of the data produced by such systems. However, designing event-based information systems is less familiar to developers than traditional current state-based systems, which can cause teams to stumble, waste time and become frustrated when trying to adopt event streaming, event sourcing, etc.

Intended Audience

  • You are a Software Engineer/Architect
  • You want to solicit requirements and buy-in from other stakeholders: UI/UX, business SMEs, leadership
  • You are pragmatic and solution-oriented and want to learn by building an example
  • You are familiar with the following concepts:
    • Kafka Producer and Streams APIs, Schema Registry
    • Understanding of the different tradeoffs associated with event-based and current-state-based information systems
  • What level is this course?
    • Intermediate/Advanced

Course Outline

This course will cover:

  • What is an Event Model?
  • Running an Event Model workshop
  • Capturing the business narrative
  • Envisioning the User Experience
  • Hands-On: Building the Storyboard
  • Identifying the API of Commands and Read Models
  • Identifying and Integrating Event Streams
  • Hands-On: Completing the Event Model
  • Defining an Event Model in Software
  • Implementing your Event Model on a Streaming Data Platform
  • Hands-On: Implementing your Event Model


  • Required Knowledge
    • Basic Kafka (Producer and Streams APIs)
    • Kotlin or Java development experience is an asset, but not required.
  • Required Setup
    • A space and materials to do Event Modeling, either physically or digitally
    • A local development environment including:
      • JDK
      • Gradle
      • Docker and/or access to Confluent Cloud


Approximately 2-3 hours

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