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October 16, 2019 | Episode 61

Apache Kafka on Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure, and ZooKeeper with Lena Hall

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Lena Hall joins Tim Berglund in the studio to talk about Apache Kafka®, the various ways to run Kafka on Microsoft Azure, Kafka on Kubernetes (K8s), and some exciting events that are happening in the Kafka world. 

Lena shares about serving double duty as both a senior software engineer and senior cloud developer advocate for Azure Engineering, including her unique roles and responsibilities, and how she balances engineering with advocacy. From writing tech articles to her experience with fuzzing and presence on YouTube, Lena is a strong community supporter and believes in the importance of staying rooted in the world of code as an advocate, because it helps you better understand common challenges and gives you insight as an engineer trying to fix them. It’s important to ask what's good about it and how it can be improved.

They also discuss Kubernetes, the benefits of running Kafka on Kubernetes, why it’s popular, and using systems that can integrate with it. With Confluent Operator, it’s faster to spin up new environments, as well as easier to support a larger number of clusters in addition to scaling and configuration changes. As the Kafka ecosystem continues to grow and progress, one of the most notable updates of all is KIP-500 involving ZooKeeper. 

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