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Coding in Motion: Sound & Vision

Kris Jenkins

Senior Developer Advocate

What’s the oldest real-time streaming data system? Probably something from NASA? Or the military? Okay then, what’s the oldest, grooviest real-time streaming data system? That must surely be the synthesizer. Since the ‘80s, electronic instruments have been live streaming data in bedrooms, studios, and stadiums across the globe. It’s time for us to take a closer look at those notes in the stream.

In this first episode of Coding in Motion, Kris Jenkins, senior developer advocate at Confluent, will crack open the language of modern musical instruments and build a real-time data processing application from scratch.

In this episode, you'll build a full-stack JavaScript application that:

  • Connects to synthesizer using Web MIDI
  • Streams its data directly into Apache Kafka® running on Confluent Cloud
  • Processes and transforms that raw data stream using ksqlDB
  • Pushes the enriched data stream back out to a webserver
  • Displays that data in a 3D graphical visualization that won’t quite be stadium grade, but will at least light up the club at home

This workshop is ideal for JavaScript developers getting started with Kafka, people who want to understand how a complete event streaming application is built, and anyone who plays an instrument in their spare time.

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