September 21, 2020 | Episode 119

Using Apache Kafka as the Event-Driven System for 1,500 Microservices at Wix ft. Natan Silnitsky

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Did you know that a team of 900 developers at Wix is using Apache Kafka® to maintain 1,500 microservices? Tim Berglund sits down with Natan Silnitsky (Backend Infrastructure Engineer, Wix) to talk all about how Wix benefits from using an event streaming platform. 

Wix (the website that’s made for building websites) is designing a platform that gives people the freedom to create, manage, and develop their web presence exactly the way they want as they look to move from synchronous to asynchronous messaging. 

In this episode, Natan and Tim talk through some of the vital lessons learned at Wix through their use of Kafka, including common infrastructure, at-least-once processing, message queuing, and monitoring. Finally, Natan gives Tim a brief overview of the open source project Greyhound and how it's being used at Wix. 

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