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course: ksqlDB 101

ksqlDB Code Lifecycle

2 min

Allison Walther

Integration Architect (Presenter)

Robin Moffatt

Robin Moffatt

Principal Developer Advocate (Author)

Version ksqlDB Applications with ksql-migrations

It would be nice to be able to deploy an application once and be done with it, but that's not realistic: business requirements change, use cases change, and bugs are discovered. You need to be able to manage changes to your applications in a way that's easy to automate.

ksql-migrations is a command-line tool for managing ksqlDB applications, either manually or with scripts:

echo 'CREATE TABLE users ( \
  name STRING, registration_date TIMESTAMP \
) WITH (kafka_topic=’users’, value_format=’json’ \
);' > V000001__create_users.sql 

You can define changes to your ksqlDB artifacts in a text file, which can be put under source control. Then you can apply the changes in an ordered sequence to bring your applications up to date:

  userid INT;' > V000002__create_users.sql

You can also see the status of all of the changes to monitor, which changes have been applied, and which changes are still waiting to be applied:

ksql-migrations -c info

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