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course: ksqlDB 101

Hands On: Converting Data Formats with ksqlDB

2 min

Allison Walther

Integration Architect (Presenter)

Hands On: Converting Data Formats with ksqlDB

This exercise will teach you how to change data formats in ksqlDB.

Inspect Your Existing Data

  1. Begin by printing your orders_flat stream from Hands On: Flatten Nested Records with ksqlDB to show the existing JSON data:

    PRINT orders_flat FROM BEGINNING;

    Click Run query.

  2. Stop the query. Then expand a record to see the JSON structure.

Change Your Data's Format and Inspect It Again

  1. Enter a CREATE STREAM AS statement, with VALUE_FORMAT set to delimited:

    CREATE STREAM orders_csv
    WITH(VALUE_FORMAT='delimited', KAFKA_TOPIC='orders_csv') AS
    SELECT * FROM orders_flat EMIT CHANGES;

    Click Run query. This will help to clean up the JSON you saw in Step 2.

  2. Run a PRINT statement to see your newly delimited data:

    PRINT orders_csv FROM BEGINNING;

    Click Run query, then scroll down and expand a record to see the comma-delimited fields.

    It's as easy as that: VALUE_FORMAT helps you to change formats within ksqlDB.

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