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course: ksqlDB 101

Interacting with ksqlDB

2 min

Allison Walther

Integration Architect (Presenter)

Robin Moffatt

Robin Moffatt

Principal Developer Advocate (Author)

Interacting with ksqlDB

There are several ways to interact with ksqlDB, including a command line interface, a web UI, a REST API, and client libraries for Java and other languages.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The ksqlDB CLI is very similar in look and feel to command line tools for relational databases that you may be familiar with, such as Postgres’s psql or Oracle’s SQL*Plus:


Web UI

One of the simplest ways to interact with ksqlDB is via the web UI in Confluent Cloud. You can develop queries in an interactive editor, view flow diagrams of streams and tables, and manage persistent queries.



You can also monitor ksqlDB and its processing in the web UI:



The ksqlDB REST API provides programmatic access to ksqlDB for managing objects and querying them:


Client Libraries

ksqlDB’s client libraries wrap the REST API. An official Java client is provided, and there are community projects that provide similar functionality in other languages, including Python and Go.


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