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course: ksqlDB 101

Hands On: Lookups and Joins with ksqlDB

2 min

Allison Walther

Integration Architect (Presenter)

Robin Moffatt

Robin Moffatt

Principal Developer Advocate (Author)

Hands On: Lookups and Joins with ksqlDB

Start by learning stream-table joins.

Create a Table and Insert Data

  1. Begin by creating a table items:


    Click Run query.

  2. Insert data into the table:

    INSERT INTO items VALUES('item_3', 'Spalding', 'TF-150', 19.99);
    INSERT INTO items VALUES('item_4', 'Wilson', 'NCAA Replica', 29.99);
    INSERT INTO items VALUES('item_7', 'SKLZ', 'Control Training', 49.99);

    Click Run query.

Create Streams and Insert Data

  1. We’re going to create a different stream called orders, but first we need to remove the existing one with the following commands:

    DROP STREAM ny_orders;
    DROP STREAM orders;

    Click Run query.

  2. Create the new orders stream:

    CREATE STREAM orders (ordertime BIGINT, orderid INTEGER, itemid VARCHAR, orderunits INTEGER)
    WITH (KAFKA_TOPIC='item_orders', VALUE_FORMAT='avro', PARTITIONS=1);

    Click Run query.

  3. Create a stream orders_enriched that joins your items table and orders stream:

    CREATE STREAM orders_enriched AS
    SELECT o.*, i.*, 
    	o.orderunits * i.unit_price AS total_order_value
    FROM orders o LEFT OUTER JOIN items i
    on o.itemid =;

    Click Run query.

  4. Insert some data into the orders stream:

    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620501334477, 65, 'item_7', 5);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620502553626, 67, 'item_3', 2);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620503110659, 68, 'item_7', 7);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620504934723, 70, 'item_4', 1);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620505321941, 74, 'item_7', 3);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620506437125, 72, 'item_7', 9);
    INSERT INTO orders VALUES (1620508354284, 73, 'item_3', 4);

    Click Run query.

Query Your Enriched Stream

  1. Next, enter a push query on orders_enriched:

    SELECT * FROM orders_enriched EMIT CHANGES;

    Click Run query.

  2. Scroll down and expand a record to see how the data has been enriched.

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