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March 26, 2019 | Episode 25

Ask Confluent #11: More Services, More Metrics, More Fun

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Do metrics for detecting clients from old versions actually exist? Or is Gwen making features up? This and more useful advice is coming up on today's episode of Ask Confluent.


  • The Java property that will refresh DNS cache frequently:“networkaddress.cache.ttl” , “60");
  • Improvements to DNS lookups in Confluent Platform 5.1.2 (Apache Kafka 2.1.1):
  • More reasons to upgrade to Confluent Platform 5.1.2
  • Monitoring clients with old versions:
    • KIP-188 has lots of important new metrics 
  • If you are worried about “down-conversion” as discussed in Ask Confluent #5, you want to monitor: MBean: kafka.server:type=BrokerTopicMetrics,name=FetchMessageConversionsPerSec,topic=([-.\w]+)
  • KIP-188 also added a metric for temp memory usage (memory used for conversion and compression) that can be useful
  • In KIP-272, we’ve added version tag to request metrics, so you can see how many requests per sec you get from each version
  • Recommendations for Kafka Summit NYC
  • Watch the video version of this podcast

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