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November 6, 2019 | Episode 66

ETL and Event Streaming Explained ft. Stewart Bryson

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Migrating from traditional ETL tools to an event streaming platform is a process that Stewart Bryson (CEO and founder, Red Pill Analytics), is no stranger to. In this episode, he dispels misconceptions around what “streaming ETL” means, and explains why event streaming and event-driven architectures compel us to rethink old approaches:

  • Not all data is corporate data anymore
  • Not all data is relational data anymore
  • The cost of storing data is now negligible

Supporting modern, distributed event streaming platforms, and the shift of focus from on-premises to the cloud introduces new use cases that focus primarily on building new systems and rebuilding existing ones. 

From Kafka Connect and stack applications to the importance of tables, events, and logs, Stewart also discusses Gradle and how it’s being used at Red Pill Analytics. 

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Episode 67November 13, 2019 | 31 min

Securing the Cloud with VPC Peering ft. Daniel LaMotte

With a virtual private cloud (VPC)—your own private network in the cloud that you can launch your own instances into—you can secure your cloud infrastructure and minimize the threat of potential attackers with VPC Peering, connecting VPCs together to create a path between them to keep your data safe and accessible to you alone.

Episode 68November 18, 2019 | 46 min

Installing Apache Kafka with Ansible ft. Viktor Gamov and Justin Manchester

Ansible keeps your Apache Kafka® deployment, management, and installation consistent, and helps you implement best practices that make it easy to get started. Justin Manchester (Platform DevOps Engineer, Confluent) and Viktor Gamov (Developer Advocate, Confluent) discuss the problems that Ansible is trying to solve, enabling collaboration and optimizing all components for top performance.

Episode 69November 20, 2019 | 26 min

Announcing ksqlDB ft. Jay Kreps

Jay Kreps introduces ksqlDB, the event streaming database purpose-built for stream processing applications. As the successor to KSQL, ksqlDB is a specialized database for stream processing on top of Kafka, merging the concepts behind streams of data with tables of data.

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