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Wade Waldron

Wade Waldron

Staff Software Practice Lead

The Flink Job Lifecycle


When a Flink job is executed, it is sent to the Flink cluster where it will pass through multiple possible stages in its lifecycle. The exact flow depends on what commands are sent to the job, and whether or not it encounters any errors. This video will introduce the lifecycle of a Flink job as well as some of the commands that can be used to move the job through different lifecycle states.


  • Running a Job
  • Finishing a Job
  • Canceling a Job
  • Stopping a Job
  • Resuming a Job
  • Failing Jobs
  • Recovery Strategies


A Simple Job

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
	StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment



Running a Job

$ flink run $JAR_FILE
$ flink run -c mypackage.MyClass $JAR_FILE
$ flink run --detached $JAR_FILE

Canceling a Job

$ flink cancel $JOB_ID

Stopping a Job

$ flink stop --savepointPath $SAVEPOINT_FOLDER $JOB_ID

Resuming a Job

$ flink run --fromSavepoint $SAVEPOINT_FILE $JAR_FILE

Setting a Restart Strategy

        3, // number of restart attempts
        Time.of(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS) // delay


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