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10 Great Talks from Kafka Summit London

May 2, 2024

Today Kafka Summit Bangalore takes place! Engineers, architects, and data professionals of many different disciplines have poured their energy into crafting useful and entertaining talks for delivery. “Break a leg” to all those speaking today!

If you’ve got FOMO… Kafka Summit London happened earlier this year, and we’re happy to announce that the session recordings are now available online. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites in this newsletter. The topics range from the fundamentals to the tricky bits, and we’re sure that if you give any one of them a listen it’ll result in a lightbulb moment for you.

In other news, Confluent is now on Medium! Read blog posts by engineers and other data professionals who leverage their experience at Confluent to help you understand streaming better. We’ve also got two brand new Apache Flink® SQL demos to help you deepen your Flink SQL fundamentals—check them out in the Flink resources section below.

Without further ado…

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Apache Flink® Resources:

A Droplet from Stack Overflow:

Want to dive deep into what happens to Kafka topics after compaction? Read this StackOverflow question – the answer comes complete with a helpful diagram!

Got your own favorite Stack Overflow answer related to Flink or Kafka? Send it in to!

Terminal Tip of the Week:

To go through pricing for confluent cloud for your cloud region without leaving your terminal, run:

confluent price list --cloud gcp --region us-east1

And the result will resemble:

           Metric          | Cluster Type | Availability | Network Type |           Price             
  CKU price                | Dedicated    | Multi zone   | Internet     | PRICE USD/CKU-hour        
   Cluster linking per-link | Dedicated    | Single zone  | Peered VPC   | PRICE USD/Link-hour         
  Kafka REST produce       | Basic        | Multi zone   | Internet     | PRICE USD/GB                
  Kafka read               | Dedicated    | Single zone  | Internet     | PRICE USD/GB                
  Kafka write              | Basic        | Multi zone   | Internet     | PRICE USD/GB                

Links From Around the Web:

  • Computer History’s source code releases of MacPaint, QuickDraw, and more
  • An interactive guide to cameras and lenses from Bartov Ciechanowski
  • The Cloud Under the Sea: a story about the current state of internet infrastructure maintenance from The Verge

Upcoming Events:



By the way…

We hope you enjoyed our curated assortment of resources! If you’d like to provide feedback, suggest ideas for content you’d like to see, or you want to submit your own resource for consideration, email us at! To view the content without subscribing, visit the Confluent Developer website.

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