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Apache Kafka® Streams and Apache Flink®: What’s the Difference?

November 16, 2023

Hello everyone! We have some helpful back-to-basics resources for both Apache Kafka® and Apache Flink® this week. Plus, view the keynote and session recordings from Current 2023, updates on Kafka Summit London and Kafka Summit Bangalore, a tip for retrieving your cluster IDs, and a list of upcoming meetups around the world! Now, let’s dive in.

Apache Kafka® Resources:

  • Keynotes and Session talks from Current 2023 are now available to watch on YouTube!! Watch and share your favorites from the event, all located in this playlist.
  • What actually is an Apache Kafka cluster? Get a simple and quick explanation in Lucia Cerchie’s new YouTube video, or check out her blog post on the same topic.
  • Kafka Streams and Apache Flink: what’s the difference between them? Should you use them together? Find out in a one-minute video featuring Danica Fine and David Moravek!
  • A fun milestone from the Apache Kafka contributors: KIP-1000 was proposed!
  • Listen to an in-depth talk by Liz Fong-Jones and Terra Field from as they discuss how their platform engineering team evolved their Kafka cluster and producers/consumers over the past four years as their incoming telemetry volume increased more than tenfold.

Apache Flink® Resources:

  • The Apache Flink community announced the first bug fix release of the Flink Kubernetes Operator 1.6 series. Check out the release notes for details.
  • Just starting out with Flink or need a refresher? David Anderson has you covered with a new introductory guide for developers where he hits key topics like Flink’s core principles, system architecture, and use cases.
  • Flink Forward Seattle 2023 is a wrap! Keep an eye out for session recordings to come on the Flink Forward YouTube channel. Thank you to everyone who joined our Confluent-hosted meetups during and after the event—we hope you were able to learn a lot, share your experiences, and meet amazing people! If you didn’t make it to this event, Flink Forward will return to Berlin next year on October 10th. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.
  • Learn how the Data Platform team at Netflix uses Flink SQL to democratize their stream processing in their article on Medium.

Terminal Tip of the Week:

Let's say you wanted to retrieve the ID of one of your clusters, perhaps in order to unregister it, or for working with the metadata shell.

Well, kafka-cluster offers a way:

bin/ cluster-id --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

Cluster ID: rjfRG-f1345lk3DUTO9plk

Links From Around the Web:

In Other News:

  • The call for papers for Kafka Summit London 2024 is closing soon! Make sure to submit your abstracts no later than November 27th. If you need some last-minute assistance with your abstract, there is one more session of speaker office hours on Nov 22nd at 8 a.m. PST/4 p.m. GMT and 4 p.m. PST, which will be held on the Confluent Community Slack. Registration to attend the event will open in December, stay tuned!
  • The call for papers for Kafka Summit Bangalore 2024 (the first ever!) is now open! Submit your abstracts by January 10, 2024. Speaker office hours for the event are now announced as well. If you’d like assistance with your abstract for KSB, join the office hours on the Confluent Community Slack on November 29th, December 20, and January 8, 2024, at 08:00 - 09:00 IST on each day. Registration for this event will also open in December.
  • In-person meetup in Jakarta (Nov 22): Empowering Analytics to Streaming with K2D Stack
  • Online event in Portuguese (Nov 22): Flink integrado com o Kafka/Agregar dados em tempo real/Transformando dados
  • In-person meetup in Vienna (Nov 30): Kafka Streams/Building State Store for Event Streaming Applications
  • In-person meetup in Hong Kong (Dec 5): Real-time push notifications based on user browsing habits over ksqlDB
  • In-person meetup in Sydney (Dec 14): Data Contracts: How to ensure the consistency, reliability, and quality of streaming data

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