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4 New Apache Flink® SQL tutorials!

October 5, 2023

Greetings Kafka and Flink enthusiasts! Current 2023 is a wrap, and we hope all of you who made it to the event (in-person or online) learned a lot, got inspired, and connected with some of the incredible speakers and attendees! If you weren’t able to attend, never fear! You can watch the Day 1 keynote here, and the Day 2 keynote here. Recordings of the breakout sessions are on the way and will be shared in our newsletter when they are available. Now on to our resources…

Get ready to fill your reading list—we have plenty of learning materials to share this week. Read how to make Kafka faster with message compression, get prepared to implement Kafka in production with a new course, learn about Stateful Functions 3.3.0 in Flink, jump into four brand new Flink SQL tutorials, and more!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Apache Flink® Resources:

Terminal Tip of the Week:

When you're using kcat, it can be helpful to shorten your commands by combining single-letter flags.

For example, to consume from topic topicname in consumer mode, you could enter the t and C flags separately like this:

kcat -t topicname -C    

Or combine them like this:

kcat -Ct topicname   

Links From Around the Web:

  • Discover the cosmos! Each day, NASA features a different image from around the universe with a brief explanation from a professional astronomer.
  • Check out GenPiCam: a Raspberry Pi-based camera that reimagines the world with GenAI, by Simon Aubury. Bonus: pictures of Snowy the cat!
  • Where in the USA is this? You have 5 guesses to figure it out.

In Other News:

By the way…

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