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Tuning Apache Flink® Clusters & a Kafka Diagram

January 25, 2024

Hello everyone, hope your year is off to a good start! In our resource list today we’ve got some very cool code repository diagrams, sage advice from Pinterest engineers on tuning Flink clusters, and a post on why ZenDesk uses mTLS with Kafka. Our "terminal tip" is Flink-themed this week, with a snippet demonstrating how to fix watermarking issues. You will also find several in-person meetups coming up soon, so if you’re near London, Bangalore, Berlin, Kansas City, or Sunnyvale in the next month or so, stop on by!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Apache Flink® Resources:

  • This map by Amelia Wattenberger outlines the Apache Flink repository.
  • Read Soumil Shah’s post about how to read data from a Kinesis stream locally with the Flink Python client.
  • Learn how to tune Flink clusters for availability and scalability from this Pinterest engineering blog post.

Terminal Tip of the Week:

This week’s terminal tip focuses on Flink SQL: if your windows or MATCH_RECOGNIZE queries fail to produce any results, often the root cause is a problem with watermarking. You can use the built-in CURRENT_WATERMARK function to check if watermarks are being generated correctly. E.g., if your time attribute column is named $rowtime:

SELECT ..., $rowtime, CURRENT_WATERMARK($rowtime) FROM table;

Links From Around the Web:

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