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Intro to Apache Flink® SQL, Apache Kafka® quick start, & migrating from ZooKeeper to KRaft

September 21, 2023

Hello everyone! This week we have a long list of resources for you to kick off your autumn (or Spring, for our Southern Hemisphere readers!) Optimize throughput with a blog post on how to tune your Kafka Connect source connectors, spin up a local Kafka deployment with a new quick start, get an in-depth introduction to Flink SQL, and much more. Happy learning!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Apache Flink® Resources:

  • New Flink reads: Learn about the three main categories of stream processing use cases for Flink in a new blog post from Jean-Sébastien Brunner, or get started with Flink SQL in Martijn Visser’s new introductory guide.
  • Flink tidbits: Hear some quick insights on whats to come with serverless Flink from Jean-Sébastien Brunner and Martijn Visser. Nico Gruber covers some of the most common misconceptions about working with Flink in this bite-sized video.

Terminal Tip of the Week:

Today we're going to talk about the different ways to configure kcat.

First of all, one of the reasons that kcat is so useful is that any piece of librdkafka configuration is available to it via the -X flag:

kcat -b broker_name -t topic_name -X

If you've got a lot of configuration and don't want to be passing them in every time you run the command, you can feed kcat a config file:

kcat -b broker_name -t topic_name -X client -F ./path/to/config_file

If there's no config file set, kcat will consult $KCAT_CONFIG or, if you like, you can set configuration in a ~/.config/kcat.conf file to avoid passing in any config values at all.

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