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Flink watermarks in 90 secs and hybrid Kafka architecture

September 7, 2023

Hello everyone! Hope your September is off to a solid start! This week our roundup is stuffed with a variety of resources: a video to help you differentiate between different terms in the Kafka landscape, a 90-second explanation of Flink watermarks, a new whitepaper on Kora, a blog on Flink for developers already familiar with Kafka, and a way to manage your Confluent CLI plugins. Enjoy!

Apache Kafka® Resources:

Apache Flink® Resources:

Terminal Tip of the Week:

What if you want to list metadata from your Kafka cluster, topics, partitions, replicas and in-sync replicas?

You can run a command with the -L and -J flags using kcat:

kcat -b mybroker -L -J

-L is for list mode, and -J ensures JSON output.

The output will look like the following (‘replicas’ and ‘isrs’ listing the brokers on which the replicas and in-sync-replicas live):

 6 topics:
  topic "pksqls-ddw45-processing-log" with 8 partitions:
    partition 0, leader 4, replicas: 4,9,2, isrs: 9,4,2
    partition 1, leader 8, replicas: 8,10,0, isrs: 0,10,8
    partition 2, leader 6, replicas: 6,11,4, isrs: 6,4,11
    partition 3, leader 7, replicas: 7,3,8, isrs: 3,7,8

Links From Around the Web:

  • Make a fun bracelet with an old MacBook keyboard
  • A foraging map in case you’d like to pick up some free fruit or vegetables
  • Learn about parameter expansion in bash from Julia Evans’s zine

In Other News:

We’ve got 3 in-person Kafka meetups happening across the world this month!

  • In-Person Meetup in Vienna (Sep 26th): Thinking In Events/Kafka and System of Records
  • In-Person Meetup in Frankfurt (Sep 26th): Apache Flink® For Apache Kafka® Developers
  • In-Person Meetup in St Louis (Sep 20th): Yes, You CAN Do Event Sourcing With Kafka (With a Little Help)
  • Current 2023 is happening soon in San Jose, Sep 26-27! Network with data streaming experts from across the globe and learn new approaches to using Kafka, Flink, and other streaming technologies in the breakout sessions. Get a sneak peek at the content in this video.

By the way…

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